What is Chiba prefecture Japan famous for?

Facts about Chiba

Chiba is located on the east of Tokyo.
It has the 6th largest population in Japan.

People say that Chiba and Saitama are rivalries. Read this post on this rivalry in detail.

There are various aspects in Chiba depending on where you go.
Let’s find out what Chiba prefecture is famous for.

What is Chiba famous for?

Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland

It is strange that they call it “Tokyo” Disneyland when it is actually in Chiba, isn’t it?

The reason this is called Tokyo Disneyland is when this was built, it was the first Disneyland being built outside of the US.

Therefore, the target was not restricted only to the Japanese. As such, it is named as Tokyo Disneyland instead of Chiba because Tokyo is known internationally so much better.

Narita International Airport.


This is the entrance to Japan from abroad.

I am sure many people have been here and I am sure that many people were surprised at how far it is from Tokyo and expensive it is to get to Tokyo.

It has been the Japanese international hub airport for over 40 years, but the initial construction plan has not been and will not be over.

This is because the government at the time decided to build the airport without explaining to the local people.

As a result, the locals protested against the construction so hard that some radical locals, which consisted of more than 1000, revolted against the police.


This is one of the exhibitions at a museum in Narita airport showing what the protesters wore

Narita temple


This is one of the most popular temples in Japan with regard to the first visit temple visit of the year.
It is crazy that as many as 3.11 million people visited this place in 2018 for the first 3 days of the year. And this has the second largest visitors all over Japanese temples/shrines with that regard.

【2014初詣は成田山へ】 参道激混み、総門にたどり着くまで1時間! でも苦労した分、きっとご利益があるはず

This temple has a history of more than 1000 years.
Because of the location, close to Narita International Airport, it attracts many people from abroad too.

From the Meiji era to the end of WW2, the charm of this temple was very popular among the Japanese army. They believed that the charm would save them from a bullet.

Now that the war was over, the time capsule wishing for peach was buried under the triple tower in 1984 and it will be opened in the year of 2434.


Mother Farm

This farm was made by the same person that created Tokyo Tower and one of the main newspaper companies in Japan, “Sankei Newspaper”.

He named this “Mother Farm” in memory of his mother. His family was a poor farmer and she often said: “Ah if we had even one cow, that would make our life easier”.

There are so many things going on in this place.
You can see and touch many animals, you can see beautiful flowers, also you can enjoy an amusement park.


Mother Farm


It is an unofficial character of one of the cities in Chiba prefecture.

A person tried to advertise his city called “Funabashi”.

Therefore, he decided to be creative and to mix the city name and its famous product, pear, which is “Nashi” in Japanese.

That’s where “Funassyi” came from.
He made this character on PowerPoint with only 30 minutes.

He is so popular that he appeared on TV shows with celebrities.



yes, peanuts.

Kujukuri Beach

This means 99 li beach.
The origin of the name is from over 800 years ago. At the time, the Shogun ordered to put arrow every 1 li, and they ended up with using 99 arrows.

This place now attracts many surfers every year. And this will be the competition venue for surfing in the coming Tokyo Olympic in 2020.



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